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Darryl Holter performs - Don't touch my Chevy

Darryl Holter

Dealer Principal

2019 Time Dealer of the Year Nominee

Nick Shammas, Man Of The Year - 1980

Winslow Felix - 1925

Nick Shammas - 2001

If the Hollywood Sign is the most memorable symbol of Tinsel Town, the giant Felix the Cat, smiling from the rooftop of Felix Chevrolet, is arguably the second most iconic sign in Los Angeles. In fact, the histories of the Cat and the Auto Dealership are inextricably intertwined. The cartoon character, designed by Pat Sullivan, originated in 1919. Winslow B. Felix established Felix Chevrolet in 1921. Pat and Winslow became friends, and since Winslow and the Cat had the same name, they decided to cross-market their brands. The dealership promoted the Cat and the cartoon character promoted the Felix Chevrolet. Felix the Cat and Felix Chevrolet grew up together in Los Angeles.

Nickolas Shammas purchased Felix Chevrolet in 1957, at a time when the new freeway system was being built. He knew that visibility from the 110 Freeway was important so he commissioned a giant, three-sided neon sign to be erected at Felix Chevrolet. Aided by the iconic new sign, Felix Chevrolet became the largest Chevrolet dealership west of the Mississippi.

While other dealerships have come and gone, Felix Chevrolet is the oldest auto dealership in Los Angeles, providing Angelenos with excellent sales and service for nearly a century.

Darryl Holter

Dealer Principal

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